Vera Lawlor

Hi there, I'm Vera.

As a seasoned freelance writer, I specialize in writing about pets and animal welfare.  The focus of my research and writing is on helping people to live happy and healthy lives with their animal companions. I also strive to educate people about animal protection issues and alert them on actions they can take to help animals in need.

Puppy Mill Survivors Serve as Comforters, Role Models, and Ambassadors 

Puppy mill survivors end up in rescue when mills are shut down due to violations or when breeders give up dogs who are no longer profitable to rescue groups.

When do puppies stop biting? That might be up to their owner

While chewing everything in sight may decrease after your puppy is done teething they don’t naturally grow out of biting. The more a puppy is allowed to clamp down on your skin, the more he’ll continue to do it. It's up to responsible pet parents to teach their dogs appropriate behavior. 

Why is my dog whining? 6 common reasons and what you can do to stop it

Although it may seem like your dog is whining for no good reason, that’s not usually the case. They’re trying to tell you something! The best way to make the whining stop is to figure out what exactly your dog is trying to tell you.

Feeling Guilty About Crating Your Dog? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

According to behavior experts at Best Friends Animal Society, dogs are hardwired by their genetic history to be den animals. A den is a small, safe, well-defined space, a place where dogs instinctively feel safe. 

Why You Shouldn’t Feel
Sorry for Deaf Dogs

Deaf dogs don’t know they are deaf or different. They hear with their hearts and love the humans and other dogs in their lives. And when it comes to training deaf dogs are very focused and tuned into their handlers. 


One of the best parts of my job as editor of The Parent Paper was having the opportunity to work with talented writers like Vera Lawlor. Vera brought so much to her pet column, covering issues affecting a wide variety of animal companions, that I, along with our readers, learned something interesting every month. It’s no surprise that Vera earned accolades and awards for her column. In addition to writing about pets, Vera wrote many feature stories for the magazine. She was always thorough, on time and professional. It is a pleasure working with Vera Lawlor! — Mary Vallo, former Editor, The Parent Paper

Vera is one of my favorite writers. In producing stories for the Berkeley College website, she wrote compelling prose while distilling the essence of a topic. Even with difficult assignments, she always found a way to engage the audience and meet the deadline. She was a great asset for the team." — Janelle Roth, former Senior Director of Web Content, Berkeley College

Vera is an excellent writer and a consummate professional with a finely honed sense of editorial judgment. She is enthusiastic, creative, dedicated, and deadline-driven, and would be an asset to any endeavor, publication, or company. Her copy is a pleasure to read, and her attention to detail is first-rate. Her passion for her work is contagious, and she is open to all feedback and suggestions.” — Erica Dietsche, former Web Content Editor, Berkeley College 


Why pet food pantries are a lifeline to animals in need and how you can help

While the government helps struggling people with food stamps, this assistance cannot be used to purchase pet food. Lack of finances tops the list of reasons pets are surrendered to shelters, and across the U.S., pet food pantries and food banks provide a lifeline to animals in need, helping keep them in their homes.


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